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Loving my Library’s Digital Library!

8 Dec

I’m back guys and gals.  Sorry it’s been so long.  Not sure where the past couple of months have gone.  I think they’ve gone into the depths of personal life, professional life, and non-existent personal internet life. And when I mean my personal internet life has been non-existent, I mean I haven’t been on twitter, barely on my live journal fandom pages, and haven’t even really been following tv spoilers.  Fun fact about me- way back in the day (circa- 1998, I was forced to go to school when I really wanted to stay at home and watch my stories…haha) I would log on AOL and go to the Soap Opera chat rooms, finding out spoilers (a word I learned about from them) for the next day’s episode, while reading a re-cap.  Fun times

This lack of internet time has had one small upside.  By the end of the day, I’ve been so burnt out on my professional endeavors on the internet that I needed to find a little more time to read.  Plus- with a vacation upcoming, I needed to find more books.  I finally decided it was about time I checked out my local library’s online book check-out for ereaders.  I have a Nook, which I do really enjoy using (but hate the cost of books- I read way too quickly).  So, tracked down my local library instructions, dusted off my library card, and logged-in.

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