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Giving up my Smart Phone?

23 Aug

Alright my lovely peeps.  Here’s the deal. I  hate how much I pay for my smart phone.  I hate it with a passion, particularly now that Verizon has decided that in the future (when I renew) I will no longer be able to go past the 2GB limit they’ve put in place.

I know for most, this isn’t something that is a big deal.  After all, you probably surf the web a bit from your smart phone and go home and use your internet like a regular person.  My problem? I freaking commute about 3 hours roundtrip each day.  By train.  I have a Sirius XM in my car and on my phone (I pay the 1.99 or so for online access- that I use at work and wherever. Listening to on Broadway right now).  If it’s a slow afternoon and I want to read a book, I stream that constantly.  I have a beta to Google Music which I stream every morning to help me sleep while on the train.  I watch Netflix/Slingbox occasionally to catch up with shows and movies my commute does not give me time for.

I understand the rationale of data hogs out there, and that this is meant to slow us down. But here’s the deal, my mom- who decided she needed a smart phone when I got one, barely uses .5gb a month.  My 17 year old brother who just got his smartphone uses maybe 1gb.  I’m still on the family plan-because it’s cheaper for me to pay my parents my portion of the bill (taxes and all) than it is to have my own plan.  And between the 3 of us with our smart  phones, we are maybe topping a month off with only 4gb out of 6gb paid for.  Data hogs may exist but there are plenty of people (I would bet in the majority) that do not go anywhere near the 2gb cap limit.

To top off this lovely rant, it doesn’t help that I seriously am considering a Tablet.  Basically, after attending BlogHer and 20sbsummit, I really think it’d be much nicer to carry around a tablet all day rather than a laptop. And, at least I’d be able to actually do some work on the train on my tablet as opposed to trying to eeek out emails on my phone.  Plus- let’s be honest.  I’m a big purse kind of gal.  Unless I’m going out to a bar to dance- I don’t carry a small purse.  Each and every purse I own could be considered a minor Mary Poppins bag of fun.  If I dropped the smart phone in favor of a tablet, I’d still almost always have the connectivity I want with way more productivity.

So- the question is- which brand do I go with?

And when will I start?