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Friday Fun Day- A Lazy Friday Roundup

12 Aug

So- it’s been an exhausting week- and it’s almost 2pm central, we’re in the final stretch.  You know you are eyeing your door (even your metaphorical one for those who work from home) thinking, dear God, please just let it be 4:30…

Not that we don’t all love our jobs…

Well, I’m sitting here, enjoying my lovely iced coffee (made from cold brewed coffee), and decided I should make a roundup of some of the things making my life a little bit more enjoyable before the weekend officially starts-

First-let’s start with a cute video that I found via Huffington Post.

This is one of the reasons I love the internet/media. Parents can do so much more than lame videos of their kids on grainy film (believe me, I have hours and hours of very meaningless video- with a few highlights buried deep within the random stuff, from my childhood). Instead, they can compile, cut, and edit awesome videos that their kids will one-day be proud of (or more likely completely ashamed that their parents did something so nostalgic).

Next up- Cold Brewed Coffee.  

This is my all time favorite new way to drink coffee.  French Press move aside, I’ve just found myself a new drink.  This coffee tastes like what we all dream it should, especially after you’ve had coffee flavored ice cream.  I’m obsessed.  Pictures will be forthcoming as I brew my own batch and bring it to the office for mass consumptions.  I’ll be pounding these babies back, the way Mad Men flirt with their whiskey and rye.

Finally- TVs, TVs, everywhere…

For those who are still looking to do a little professional development on a Friday Afternoon- here’s one of the bloggers I met at BlogHer11.  Her name is Karen, and her awesome site is titled Communications Goddess.  Her post about the necessity of video monitors at every place is both witty and insightful. While I agree there are some places (BP- really?) that don’t need a tv full of fake ads, I do love the one at the bank that tells me my weather and latest news. There are only so many times you can be entertained by the man in the pick-up next to you.  But really, this trend toward multi-media is not going anywhere, so Marketers- maybe you could try adding value?  Maybe have your QRcodes link me directly towards pictures of Ewan McGregor straddling the motorcycle I’ll never buy, but am very happy to drool over.  I’ll let you decide who/what I’m drooling over exactly!

That’s all for now folks. If anything else extremely amusing hits my doorstep before I vamoose, I’ll post it up here.
And now I leave you with Putin the Crab… because the man is a bucket full of Friday Fun.

(if you know who made this, tell them it’s hilarious- and I’m not trying to pass it off as my own).