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Tuesday Quick Run Down

24 Apr

I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent the first 5 minutes of this morning playing with the zipper on Google! Every once in awhile, it’s a good remind to stop searching via your tool bar and to actually type in and get the homepage.

It’s fun, you should go check it out.  I dare you not to play with it ;). And that’s what she said!


That is all for now, you may return to your regularly scheduled blog.

Qwikster- the new word for business suicide?

20 Sep

Everyone was talking about it yesterday- the wonderfully ridiculous name that Netflix decided upon for it’s split DVD service “Qwikster”.   I had already decided that I would cut my streaming at the beginning of this month- with Cable and the restrictions Netflix was facing, I just frankly was not watching it enough.  That said, I thought I’d keep my DVD rentals around, because the recommendations were great, the foreign movie selection was awesome, and the price was still decent.  But- with the move to Qwikster, I’ve just decided I can’t trust Netflix to make wise business decisions.   It seems to me that not only was this a shotgun decision- meant to pacify investors and prove to them that Netflix had some idea of what they were doing earlier this summer when they adjusted prices, but that it was a decision made without really consulting the marketing staff.

Why on earth would you pick a new name for a brand and not verify it on Twitter?  Furthermore, why would you sacrifice your brand equity (the name) for the sake of confusing customers and not making the process simpler.  And by the way- the red envelope you send things in, Mr. CEO isn’t enough for me to trust your Qwikster scheme.  Well- you’d make these decisions (I’ve seen written on the Internetz) if you were trying to kill your business.  It seems that Netflix is only interested in being in the streaming business, and by making this ridiculous proposition, they are basically begging the consumer to drop the service.  That is the only logic explanation I can agree with.  The alternative is that you have a management team that did not understand its own brand, why people get the Disc option, and what they are looking for.

Netflix- your strength was that I had a one stop shop to find all the movies in the world that I wanted to watch. And you had an amazing capability of telling me what I would like.  Now- if I were to continue to use you, I would have to swap between two different venues to actually use find the best way for me to watch the movies you’ve recommended.

Meanwhile, I hope that Mr. Qwikster on Twitter holds out on his name and demands millions for it.  Let’s see how bad Netflix Qwikster wants it….



Why Social Media Nerds will Rule the Earth!

22 Aug

Why Jen Friel is my latest nerd crush and a great example of social media possibilities…

I have numerous nerd/geek crushes.  They include Craig Ferguson and his beautiful/awesome Doctor Who love.  And of course, there is the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick.  But how in the heck did I not know about Jen Friel?  Thankfully, my day job took me to #20sbsummit in Chicago this weekend.   Many of the sessions were helpful, in the blogging conference way.  Great people, good tips on publishing, etc.   But by far, my favorite session of the event was Jen Friel’s speech-which was more a display of awesome than anything else.

There is no doubt in my mind that this awesome nerd chick is winning at life because she just rocks so hard core in her nerdiness and embraces the hell out of it.  She  is a fearless gal who has said “no” to doing what is expected in this humdrum thing we call life, and has decided to really push herself forward into the universe.

What I love most though, about Jen, is that she has embraced social media and made it her b*tch!  There are two ways to really use social media.  Most people (and heck- I know I include myself in this group way too often- something I am definitely inspired to change), use social media to connect in a very surface and base level conversation.

But others- like Jen, are taking social media and using it to proclaim their mighty self.  Social Media has so much potential to let us create the space and the freedom to really be who we are (whether a corporate brand, a personal brand, or just a person who uses the internet to connect).  Embracing who she was, what she wanted to do, and letting herself fall free of everyone’s expectations and broadcasting it to the world on social media changed Jen’s life.  And they are leveraging that freeing power to do the things they want, instead of what is merely expected.

Bloggers I talk to, always ask about how far is too far before you sell out to the brand.  Jen is the living example of how you can work completely with big brands and still be yourself.  If you have a chance, you should read about Jen’s #BJDiet — which I promise is not as dirty as it sounds.  When her first foray into living life by just doing and proclaiming ended- Jen was trying to figure out what she needed to do to survive and still live the life SHE WANTED to live.  In her pursuit of this, she decided she would live off Beef Jerky for an entire month (get it? BJ…hahaha).  She wrote several companies, but many thought she was bat sh*t crazy.  They didn’t get her, and in the end, she wasn’t what their brands were looking for. And that was fine with her, because if a brand didn’t connect with her idea, they wouldn’t have been good for her to work with either.  And the same is true for anybody. If you are doing something and following your path, your heart, your purpose  (or to be more business succinct- your mission statement) you do not want to do business or enter into relationships with people who don’t get it. Because you will always be fighting a battle about why you do it how you do it, instead of how you can do better!

Which conversation sounds like more fun? 

Friday Fun Day- A Lazy Friday Roundup

12 Aug

So- it’s been an exhausting week- and it’s almost 2pm central, we’re in the final stretch.  You know you are eyeing your door (even your metaphorical one for those who work from home) thinking, dear God, please just let it be 4:30…

Not that we don’t all love our jobs…

Well, I’m sitting here, enjoying my lovely iced coffee (made from cold brewed coffee), and decided I should make a roundup of some of the things making my life a little bit more enjoyable before the weekend officially starts-

First-let’s start with a cute video that I found via Huffington Post.

This is one of the reasons I love the internet/media. Parents can do so much more than lame videos of their kids on grainy film (believe me, I have hours and hours of very meaningless video- with a few highlights buried deep within the random stuff, from my childhood). Instead, they can compile, cut, and edit awesome videos that their kids will one-day be proud of (or more likely completely ashamed that their parents did something so nostalgic).

Next up- Cold Brewed Coffee.  

This is my all time favorite new way to drink coffee.  French Press move aside, I’ve just found myself a new drink.  This coffee tastes like what we all dream it should, especially after you’ve had coffee flavored ice cream.  I’m obsessed.  Pictures will be forthcoming as I brew my own batch and bring it to the office for mass consumptions.  I’ll be pounding these babies back, the way Mad Men flirt with their whiskey and rye.

Finally- TVs, TVs, everywhere…

For those who are still looking to do a little professional development on a Friday Afternoon- here’s one of the bloggers I met at BlogHer11.  Her name is Karen, and her awesome site is titled Communications Goddess.  Her post about the necessity of video monitors at every place is both witty and insightful. While I agree there are some places (BP- really?) that don’t need a tv full of fake ads, I do love the one at the bank that tells me my weather and latest news. There are only so many times you can be entertained by the man in the pick-up next to you.  But really, this trend toward multi-media is not going anywhere, so Marketers- maybe you could try adding value?  Maybe have your QRcodes link me directly towards pictures of Ewan McGregor straddling the motorcycle I’ll never buy, but am very happy to drool over.  I’ll let you decide who/what I’m drooling over exactly!

That’s all for now folks. If anything else extremely amusing hits my doorstep before I vamoose, I’ll post it up here.
And now I leave you with Putin the Crab… because the man is a bucket full of Friday Fun.

(if you know who made this, tell them it’s hilarious- and I’m not trying to pass it off as my own).

The Voice- finally TV is getting into Social Media

7 Jun

So, I’ve never seen an episode of American Idol.  I found it dull and predictable, with too much of a focus on the theatrics and looks of those being featured.  That said, I’ve been really into The Voice because it started with blind auditions.  But what has continued to impress me is the level of integration with social media during the show, with not only the judges, but also the performers.

I’m going to do some research, I’d like to learn more about how they are measuring metrics, as well as what trends they are seeing.  Keep an eye on this post being updated in the future.

How marketing technology is kind of like marketing RxDrugs.

3 Jun

In Technology, there are so many ways to market the product. You can choose serious and efficient, cool and cutting edge, human and relevant. Intel, which in theory makes one of the least user facing pieces of technology (what I mean by that, is that their primary products are not the actual item that people purchase but rather a tool within those items), does the best job of giving a human face to their technology and quietly reminding us that they are integral to their life.


I love Intel’s advertising because of they focus not on the technology but rather on the human. The human is honestly what sells me on an Intel processor more than any other brand. They are using their human capital to drive technology forward and they love poking fun at their own image.   I also love that their commercials end with their “engineers” doing the little theme song.  This is why Intel’s latest effort takes Social Media and makes it personal and insightful, while again, targeting their brand proposition that they are the human tech company. They may be building robots, but dang-it, those robots are also human.

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The Internetz will do what the Internetz will do…

3 May

Well May started with a bang (no pun intended).

While I’m a little late to the party- it seems like this might be a good thing, considering the Internet basically exploded in a frenzy of what the Internet does best, upon Sunday’s news about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Before I move to a quick roundup, I wanted to comment a little bit on the debate that is going on about how people should celebrate or not celebrate.  While I’d like to believe there are people out there that are supposedly completely ambivalent about what happened, I think everyone is processing it in there own way. Those who say its wrong to celebrate and are chastising it, are just as actively participating in the event as those whose emotions are running wild with USA chants and flash mobs. How I’ve found myself participating in this monumental event is the way I do for most things, namely interacting via the internet.  And the internet did not fail to help me find a catharsis- here’s my list:

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