About Geek In The Web

I’m just your average geeky gal caught in the web that is the internet.  I fell into working online, after being obsessed with it, my entire life.  Instead of asking for a makeup kit, or something like that for my 13th birthday, I asked for an AOL account, and began my foray into the crazy world that is the internet.

I bummed my way across the internet and still have the old Livejournal account to prove it, exploring all the great internet companies that were starting, and hoping to work for one.  After college, I was lucky enough to get a job with the internet company Careerbuilder.com, and began to learn the true power of the internet outside of fandoms, pictures, and social networks.

But in 2009, I was fortunate enough to really land my dream job (almost) at Groupon.com where I helped launch the Memphis market which eventually lead to becoming a member of our Affiliate Marketing team.  Which is a dream.  Not only do I regularly get to package up 4 leaf inflatable shamrocks, but also work with really innovative people, and awesome websites that are excited about my company.

Welcome to Geek in the Web, my average take on the internet and numerous topics that draw my attention. As an Affiliate Specialist with Groupon.com, part of my amazing job is to stay up to date on internet marketing, amazing up-and-coming websites, and general gossip of what will be coming in the future.

This blog does not represent the thoughts or ideas of my employer, nor should it be taken as the official voice of Groupon in any way shape or form.  This is just my lowly little outlet for observations, thoughts, and ideas on the internet. 

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