Buying Likes

9 May

Recently,  I was reading some Facebook posts by some bloggers that I know, and an interesting topic came up.  “Like Buying” on Facebook.

The long story short, is that on Facebook’s new timeline layout, you can see where your favorite brand page’s likes come from.  Why this is interesting, is that if you search any of your favorite pages on Facebook, you can see “How I met your Mother” is has the most likes from Istanbul Turkey. Or you can check out your favorite bloggers fanpage and see that their readers are not in fact US based, but rather in a remote village in NE Russia.

As a brand, I personally don’t think likes or page views are the most important way to determine if the blogger is going to be a success.  I think that in many cases, it is just as important to have an idea of how that blogger interacts with  you and other brands.  As well as how much the blogger’s audience interacts with them.  If they can’t tell you a lot about their audience or why  your product would work for their audience, you probably should think twice before partnering.


One Response to “Buying Likes”

  1. Transition Marketing May 9, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    I absolutely agree. Having 1200 likes (with 900 in some remote location that will not actually engage your business) is all for show. At the end of the day (Corporate Cliche BINGO) what matters, and determines success, is the DIALOGUE that you create with your followers. Social Media is all about engagement and success is measured not by likes but by results. I would rather have fifty followers that i can engage and communicate with on a regular basis (thereby spreading word of mouth referrals and actually gaining business) then 100 followers that I never actually communicate with, or that are far too geographically removed to be involved with my business.

    Having said that, their is great value in adding benefits to people who “like” you. Give them 10% off their next purchase to gain their like and you have a better chance of getting them in your store, and having a line for communicating future sales and insider info.

    Just do it for the lulz…

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