Qwikster- the new word for business suicide?

20 Sep

Everyone was talking about it yesterday- the wonderfully ridiculous name that Netflix decided upon for it’s split DVD service “Qwikster”.   I had already decided that I would cut my streaming at the beginning of this month- with Cable and the restrictions Netflix was facing, I just frankly was not watching it enough.  That said, I thought I’d keep my DVD rentals around, because the recommendations were great, the foreign movie selection was awesome, and the price was still decent.  But- with the move to Qwikster, I’ve just decided I can’t trust Netflix to make wise business decisions.   It seems to me that not only was this a shotgun decision- meant to pacify investors and prove to them that Netflix had some idea of what they were doing earlier this summer when they adjusted prices, but that it was a decision made without really consulting the marketing staff.

Why on earth would you pick a new name for a brand and not verify it on Twitter?  Furthermore, why would you sacrifice your brand equity (the name) for the sake of confusing customers and not making the process simpler.  And by the way- the red envelope you send things in, Mr. CEO isn’t enough for me to trust your Qwikster scheme.  Well- you’d make these decisions (I’ve seen written on the Internetz) if you were trying to kill your business.  It seems that Netflix is only interested in being in the streaming business, and by making this ridiculous proposition, they are basically begging the consumer to drop the service.  That is the only logic explanation I can agree with.  The alternative is that you have a management team that did not understand its own brand, why people get the Disc option, and what they are looking for.

Netflix- your strength was that I had a one stop shop to find all the movies in the world that I wanted to watch. And you had an amazing capability of telling me what I would like.  Now- if I were to continue to use you, I would have to swap between two different venues to actually use find the best way for me to watch the movies you’ve recommended.

Meanwhile, I hope that Mr. Qwikster on Twitter holds out on his name and demands millions for it.  Let’s see how bad Netflix Qwikster wants it….




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