Why Social Media Nerds will Rule the Earth!

22 Aug

Why Jen Friel is my latest nerd crush and a great example of social media possibilities…

I have numerous nerd/geek crushes.  They include Craig Ferguson and his beautiful/awesome Doctor Who love.  And of course, there is the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick.  But how in the heck did I not know about Jen Friel?  Thankfully, my day job took me to #20sbsummit in Chicago this weekend.   Many of the sessions were helpful, in the blogging conference way.  Great people, good tips on publishing, etc.   But by far, my favorite session of the event was Jen Friel’s speech-which was more a display of awesome than anything else.

There is no doubt in my mind that this awesome nerd chick is winning at life because she just rocks so hard core in her nerdiness and embraces the hell out of it.  She  is a fearless gal who has said “no” to doing what is expected in this humdrum thing we call life, and has decided to really push herself forward into the universe.

What I love most though, about Jen, is that she has embraced social media and made it her b*tch!  There are two ways to really use social media.  Most people (and heck- I know I include myself in this group way too often- something I am definitely inspired to change), use social media to connect in a very surface and base level conversation.

But others- like Jen, are taking social media and using it to proclaim their mighty self.  Social Media has so much potential to let us create the space and the freedom to really be who we are (whether a corporate brand, a personal brand, or just a person who uses the internet to connect).  Embracing who she was, what she wanted to do, and letting herself fall free of everyone’s expectations and broadcasting it to the world on social media changed Jen’s life.  And they are leveraging that freeing power to do the things they want, instead of what is merely expected.

Bloggers I talk to, always ask about how far is too far before you sell out to the brand.  Jen is the living example of how you can work completely with big brands and still be yourself.  If you have a chance, you should read about Jen’s #BJDiet — which I promise is not as dirty as it sounds.  When her first foray into living life by just doing and proclaiming ended- Jen was trying to figure out what she needed to do to survive and still live the life SHE WANTED to live.  In her pursuit of this, she decided she would live off Beef Jerky for an entire month (get it? BJ…hahaha).  She wrote several companies, but many thought she was bat sh*t crazy.  They didn’t get her, and in the end, she wasn’t what their brands were looking for. And that was fine with her, because if a brand didn’t connect with her idea, they wouldn’t have been good for her to work with either.  And the same is true for anybody. If you are doing something and following your path, your heart, your purpose  (or to be more business succinct- your mission statement) you do not want to do business or enter into relationships with people who don’t get it. Because you will always be fighting a battle about why you do it how you do it, instead of how you can do better!

Which conversation sounds like more fun? 

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