Why Facebook- and now LinkedIn like your picture!

10 Aug

A co-worker just sent me this link about a recent change to LinkedIn’s profile security. They- just like Facebook, are now using your picture to advertise socially amongst your connections.  While there is much talk about security and other issues, a lot of people don’t understand just why Facebook and LinkedIn like using your pictures so much.

According to a recent study that was discussed at BlogHer11, nearly 80% of a bloggers audience will purchase something, simply because that blogger endorsed it.  By putting your face next to an ad on LinkedIn or Facebook, these social networks on banking on the concept that a friend’s endorsement is more highly valued than a cold ad.

Just a quick service announcement for your day, as well as a question.  Do you think this could potentially infringe on people’s copywrite or trademarked images?  A lot of bloggers I know use their little avatars and other illustrations that are synonymous with their website brand.  Is it possible that this could be seen as an unknowing endorsement by a trusted resource and is there any legal recourse? I wish I knew the answer to that, but in the meantime- if you don’t want people thinking you are shooting to become the next generation of Michael Jordan endorsement gurus, un-click the box.

Directions on how to opt-out of this marketing feature can be found here, on Brand Impact.


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