Is Comic Sans your go-to for Brands?

10 Aug

Out at BlogHer, I had a great opportunity to meet and have dinner with some of the bloggers I regularly work with. While out at dinner, we talked about a lot of things, but one topic we discussed was what do bloggers do that irks brand, affiliate, and PR managers (aka- Brand Folk).  I’m fairly laid back, where affiliate reps are concerned, preferring to talk things through with someone as opposed to giving them an automatic no.

But we started talking about pitches and the information we get from bloggers.  My biggest pet peeve is the appearance of the one sheets that get sent over.  I’ll tell you right now, it doesn’t hurt your chances with me, but it does hurt my eyes.  Aside from the obvious  (spelling, message clarity, etc) the biggest flaw I see that makes me cringe is your typography and design.

Why on earth you feel that because you have an entire font book at your disposal, you must use at least 4 different fonts, I’ll never know.  Believe me, please, it does not make your pitch look more professional.  It does not encourage me to want to work with you more.  Maybe it’s my background, because I’m sure other Brand Folk have their own list of things that drive them a little bonkers, but I want something that looks profession, not like a 1996 self-made invitation to your party.  I know Comic Sans is fun, and that swirly font with the flowers makes you feel young and hip. But all it does is make me think that your computer decided to riot against you, because surely you could not have thought that the Halloween Font really is a professional font? Could you…

Even Fortune 500 Companies are guilty.

Even Fortune 500 Companies are guilty.

All this is to say, that as a blogger, you need to remember you are creating something that is going to the marketing and PR Brand Folk.  They likely have a background that involves design and presentation skills.  What this means, is that if you want to really wow them, please spend some time checking out design sites.  Ask yourself if this is something you could see the brand you are pitching sending to you.  If you answered yes, you are either doing it really right (or there’s a 2% they may be doing it wrong- and there’s a website for that).

You might ask- why do you care so much what font I use?  Well, let me ask you this. If I took Coca Cola’s or Disney’s font and wrote with them- you would likely still trust that you were getting a quality product  (especially if I popped it on similar products).  Your font is your virtual/written voice’s appearance.  Just as you choose the clothes you put on when you meet someone for a whatever situation(professional, first date, wedding,etc), your font choice is the same.  When you choose Comic Sans or Papyrus as your font, or even worse, mix them up with two or three other fonts, you are indicating that you did not consider your font choices.  This concept goes even deeper.  Please remember your own personal brand.  Decide the colors you are going to use and stick to the same theme.  It’s okay to have your own font and have it be something fun that works for you.  But keep the theme and concept congruent with all pieces of marketing.  For some, this may make them feel you are not a professional choice of partner for the initiative you are pitching them.  For others, like me, we just wish you had read a post like this….

The picture above was found via Pinterest  from the site Daily Design Ideas.  I believe the original was posted on Passive Aggressive Notes.   Daily Design Ideas is a great site for various design (not just typeface) ideas.  I highly recommend it. Or you can always work with a Professional Consultant. Either way, spend a few more minutes considering your design and who you want to look like on paper before you send your next pitch. 


2 Responses to “Is Comic Sans your go-to for Brands?”

  1. Shmoggo August 10, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Haha, absolutely love the picture! Thanks.


    • Geekgal August 12, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

      Yeah- I saw the picture on Pinterest first, and when I was writing this post up- knew I had to feature it here! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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