BlogHer Day 3- Your Blog and Social Media Marketing

7 Aug

Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer-10:45am:

This session was a great session, however, I believe that in-house social media marketers were lacking on the panel.  In the end, the way a PR firm and an in-house social media maven function, I believe can be very different- at least in my experience.  Brand managers for PR Firms, inevitably will find it difficult to wholly grasp the voice and feel of the company they are engaged with.   And it’s not their fault despite how hard they work.  But think about it, if you are regularly cautious about how you interact on-line because Brand A does not like a specific style- it has such a high potential to bleed through.

Personally, I believe it is extremely important to engage in an authentic conversation with people, in this modern age.  If brands choose not to, with so much media being exchanged daily, they run the risk of mixed signals based wholly on what market research says is the next best moral code…

With that said, there are some great take-aways after the jump.

How do brands determine successful social media marketers?

  • How do you track activity, what is your aggregated reach, and how do you engage and what is your return on engagement.
  • Sometimes it’s not about having thousands of followers but that you are interacting with a higher percentage of your total audience.
  • Tracking is so important to leveraging your success. Reporting on specific actions are appreciated, because it shows how you interact with various brands.
  • By creating content daily, you show that you can manage deadlines and content.

How do small business find bloggers?

  • Social Media Events
  • Meet-ups
  • Investigate who your regular followers are, that interact on your brand page, and start conversing with them to see what their social media goals are.
Don’t under-value yourself.  You didn’t “just” have something or do something.  You managed something that was awesome.  It’s all about spin, if you had 25 people show up to a meet-up (which is great to show that you can manage events) then it’s important to highlight just how intimate and exciting it was to engage with a dedicated audience rather than a large group of people with limited interest.
Should social media marketers bring their own voice into the conversation?
  • @Elisac from BlogHer likes to use her own voice.  To be human- though she does take her audience into consideration, specifically where controversial topics are considered (for her that is politics).
  • Melissa Lion said that she thinks that if you can’t say something in your bosses office, you shouldn’t say it at all.  Which begs the question- is this always good for the brand?  Does it really invite a genuine conversation?
  • In the end, you have to do what is right for the brand, but more importantly, what is going to be best for you based on your own integrity.  If you feel like you are giving up too much of yourself, to match specific voice to please your entire audience, they may not be the best fit for you anyway.

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