BlogHer11- Day 1 Quick Recap

5 Aug

Okay, so yesterday I had some great experiences. The cool thing about my job is that I get to live in the quasi land of awesome marketing and awesome people. It also includes coming to amazing conferences where I get to meet amazing people. Yes, I know, there’s a lot of positive superlatives in this post- but give me a break, I’m riding the high of being in beautiful weather, the smell of the ocean in the air, and oh- tons of free stuff for me to try and review.

Let me start by talking about my travel. But not in the way you think. Nope-no complaining here. Yesterday, I flew with Virgin America and the experience was by far the best flight experience I have ever had in my life. Starting off at the gate, they had music playing and the staff was enjoying their job. Fast forward to getting on the plane, where if you’ve ever done any research, you’ll know that their planes are amazing.

Anyway, on the flight- they were laid back and in a great way. I’m going to eventually talk about their creative safety video that they show as you taxi. Not only was it humorous, but it was also the first time I’ve probably paid attention to a video/safety demo in years.

Arriving in San Diego, I checked in and went straight to Seaport Village, where I realized that I could find a million and one things to purchase.(Note to self- consider coming back to San Diego, once a millionaire with the ability to purchase and stay wherever I should choose.)

And then- it was time. The “Night at the Expo” party was scheduled to start at 6pm. Met up with CK (my wonderfully chill and friend Boss), to walk around the expo to gain ideas for both the Blog and the Work.

As a sidebar, lovely readers, I shall tell you that everything you’ve heard about the Emerald City I mean Blog Her Expo hall is true. Tons of great bands giving out samples and conversations about their products.

Will eventually end up talking about some of them on here, especially the ones that are being creative in their Social Media and other marketing campaigns, but needless to say, there are some great people here, and they want to connect with you in new and exciting ways.

Finally, I ended the night at Social Soiree to meet some of my wonderful bloggers (that I work with), and get to know even more. It was so great to meet these women, that I have been working with for over a year. I can’t wait to get to know them more as the weekend progresses, but for now I can say that the Social Soiree Gals did an AMAZING job putting the party together. It was a wonderfully casual (yet everyone looked amazing) and fun event hosted at the Children’s Museum (great location choice-ladies).

Okay, so now that you’ve had the quick rundown- I’ll go ahead and post a few pictures. I’m looking forward to talking about so many things more in depth once I’m back in town.

This little Birdie was just chilling in the LAX terminal. It was adorable.

Walking along Seaport Village, I couldn't help but get these two trees in the shot!

Some rather odd and awesome things are being talked about at BlogHer-Look at the background.

AKA - Awesomeness!

At the Children's Museum- Great Job Ladies


3 Responses to “BlogHer11- Day 1 Quick Recap”

  1. Bob August 5, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    Nice expression on your face Julia! I am so proud of you for your caeeer and what you are you doing with it!!

  2. Tiffany August 5, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Wish I could be there!

    • jujbird August 5, 2011 at 8:57 am #

      Looks like you’ve been somewhere much, much more amazing. I can say that I wish I could be where you were even more!

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