How marketing technology is kind of like marketing RxDrugs.

3 Jun

In Technology, there are so many ways to market the product. You can choose serious and efficient, cool and cutting edge, human and relevant. Intel, which in theory makes one of the least user facing pieces of technology (what I mean by that, is that their primary products are not the actual item that people purchase but rather a tool within those items), does the best job of giving a human face to their technology and quietly reminding us that they are integral to their life.


I love Intel’s advertising because of they focus not on the technology but rather on the human. The human is honestly what sells me on an Intel processor more than any other brand. They are using their human capital to drive technology forward and they love poking fun at their own image.   I also love that their commercials end with their “engineers” doing the little theme song.  This is why Intel’s latest effort takes Social Media and makes it personal and insightful, while again, targeting their brand proposition that they are the human tech company. They may be building robots, but dang-it, those robots are also human.


The Museum of Me creates a virtual museum exhibition of your life on Facebook.  It takes excellent advantage of Facebook’s API to give a real time analysis of your social sphere.  Again, it’s the human aspect that makes this so touching and makes me, yet again, a fan of Intel being a value add company, rather than just a processor company.  And when you think about it, that’s really all Intel needs to do.

Drug companies market themselves on television to prompt patients to talk to their doctors.  Companies like Intel market themselves on television to prompt consumers to ask about them when purchasing their hardware product.

Their primary market is not the general public (who buy the larger product based on numerous characteristics- Intel processors being just one factor amongst it) but rather the makers of these products.  So what do you do if you are Intel? You market the same way drug companies do — court the good will of those who are end users to encourage the primary decision makers to choose your product.   By creating a strong brand presence, Intel can demand a better conversation with the big product brands they work with.  The goodwill they promote leverages well, and shows just how you can maximize your secondary channel, to gain momentum in your primary channel.

What’s your favorite brand- that markets itself as more than just their product?


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