Tungle.me, one of my favorite tools!

1 Jun

If you’re at all like me, you may have migrated away from outlook and have been riding the gmail wave for a long time.  Or maybe you still use outlook, but still have multiple people to schedule with multiple time zones, either way, Tungle.me is an awesome tool to help with your scheduling needs.  What I like most about using Tungle.me is that I no  longer send over a couple of suggested times for meetings in an email (sans invite) wait for an email response from the invitee before turning around with a new email invite.  Instead, I send them 1 link- asking them to take a look at the calendar and suggest a few times that would work for them.

When they arrive at my calendar, this is what they see:

Tungle.me Calendar View

What’s great about this view, is that they can only see times that I’ve chosen as available & times that are available after taking out all of my currently scheduled events.  They can’t see anything about the event (if it’s not theirs) nor can they recommend times that aren’t available.  They pick a time (or times) that they are available and I receive and email asking me to confirm the time.  The best part, it converts for all time zones in play, and automatically puts it on my calendar, as well as theirs.

Another great aspect, is that I leave my calendar link in my email signature and ask people to schedule time with me if they need help or have questions.  This has resulted in far fewer random calls for help, and more scheduled times, where I know what I’m walking into, and can be better prepared.

Either way, Tungle.me has given me a great way to organize, coordinate, and book my calendar with others.   I highly recommend it if you are looking for a better system. Special shout out to the folks at 20sb.net who introduced me, by way of a tungle.me invite.


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